Center for Body Image Research and Policy

Community Partners

Adroit Studios

Led by Co-Directors Joe Griffin and Justin Sigoloff, Adroit Studios is the culmination of our experience crafting innovative learning experiences, such as Mission HydroSci and iSocial, as well as our research into how games can be crafted to encourage positive learning outcomes. Together the team at Adroit Studios has almost 15 years of experience creating custom learning environments! Adroit Studios leverages our backgrounds in game design, instructional design, and game development into crafting custom game-like learning experiences for our clients. Our products can come in many shapes and forms, from fully-realized games to training simulations and interactive learning activities.

Bamboo Nutrition

The mission of Bamboo Nutrition is to provide its clients with the skills and strategies they need, while utilizing evidence based knowledge, to remain independent from meal plans and diets, and create a warm and positive relationship with food; Along the way discovering their authentic self and being able to love and care for who they are, not who they want to be. Bamboo Nutrition is owned by a registered dietitian who helps individuals learn how to eat freely again without the rules and rigidity of society and diet culture. Bamboo Nutrition works with individuals with disordered eating and eating disorders of all ages. Bamboo Nutrition services and other information are available at

Great Circle

The mission of Great Circle is to reshape vulnerable lives through a community of partners, teachers and leaders, giving children and families the confidence to create bright futures. We have a bold vision to provide every individual and family in Missouri access to high-quality, effective, responsive, and preventative behavioral health care, giving families a highly-reliable place to turn to when facing difficult times or struggling with circumstances beyond their control. Great Circle touched the lives of more than 35,000 people in 2017 by providing services for concerns such as addictive behaviors, behavior disorders, bullying, depression, isolation, and trauma. Much like the Center for Body Image Research and Policy, Great Circle also aims to improve the health and well-being of communities in Missouri and promote the development of new interventions and tactics to fulfill our mission and improve the lives of others.

Integrated Behavioral Health

The mission of the Integrated Behavioral Health Clinic (IBHC) is to address disparities in the availability of comprehensive, integrative behavioral health care for adults who are uninsured or unable to afford low cost, high quality care. A key component in improving quality of life requires clinical intervention, understanding client’s needs, and connecting people to resources that are collectively geared at improving mental health, which requires tools that are not universally available within our community. Research and evaluation at the IBHC helps to ensure best practices are offered to our clients. In collaboration with our community partners, comprehensive care is provided to address the needs of the whole person including financial literacy, nutrition, physical healthcare, and legal services. IBHC services are available, free of charge, to individuals who are not being served by other agencies.

Spectrum Health Care

Sexual Health care plays a vital role in our sense of well-being and extends beyond mere sexual behavior. Sexual health includes having access to current information and education concerning safe and consensual sexual practice, feeling empowered to have open and supportive treatment with providers, and understanding the basic human rights that we all share. At Spectrum Health Care we value the development of the whole person, especially in regard to this issue. Our approach stems from the desire to provide compassionate care to all individuals. It is our promise to foster an environment of trust and inclusivity and we strive to provide the best and most compassionate care in a culturally competent environment.

Spectrum routinely engages the surrounding community in a variety of different ways. We provide low cost HIV and STI testing, consultation and health care in a user friendly, non-clinical environment. We lead community based educational forums concerning sexual health in schools, at public events, and for other local service agencies and providers. Spectrum’s team seeks to build community partnerships that elevate access to services beyond an individual level. Spectrum also participates in present research that informs the national conversation about non-metropolitan and rural HIV treatment and intervention.

Teen Pregnancy & Prevention Partnership

Founded in 1997, Teen Pregnancy & Prevention Partnership (TPPP) promotes adolescent sexual health and teen pregnancy prevention by uniting Missouri through advocacy, collaboration, training, and public awareness. TPPP brings together public and private health agencies, youth serving organizations, school districts, and individuals to support, promote, and advocate for activities which lead to a decrease in unplanned pregnancies and STIs amongst Missouri’s youth. TPPP believes that parents and communities have responsibilities to educate youth regarding sexual health and we are committed to promoting the use of evidence-based practices, including medically-accurate, comprehensive sexuality education in schools, to holistically address the issue of teen pregnancy and early parenting.

Body image is a component of sexual health, as well as overall health, and it is important to address in programs for adolescents. TPPP recognizes that body image needs to be included in discussions about healthy relationships and communication, as well as, anatomy and development. We know all forms of media impact body image and sexual health and that we must create positive messaging to generate awareness and prevent negative health outcomes.