Center for Body Image Research and Policy

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What distinguishes MPSI?

We are a group of interdisciplinary scholars (faculty, postdoctoral fellows, graduates, and undergraduate students), research assistants and associates, fiscal and grant administrative experts, clinicians, and teaching faculty who work together to solve big world problems.  Although we each have independent areas of interest, we come together under one umbrella, prevention science, to advance research, and improve outcomes.

Commitment to Science

Every MPSI activity consists of at least two areas of impact: 

  • Science
  • Service
  • Training
  • Policy

Our research directly impacts services that are delivered, training for the future generations of scholars and clinicians, and/or policy that impacts human well-being. 

Guiding Principles of Prevention Science

Prevention Science is rooted in a public health approach to solving world problems.  It is this framework that ensures prevention is more than just a word. It is a strategic approach to improving the human condition. 

MPSI Brief History

The Missouri Prevention Science Institute was founded in 2007 by University of Missouri faculty members, Wendy Reinke and Keith Herman.  Wheels were put into motion by inviting interested faculty and students from across campus to a meeting in August 2007.  During the first two months, after a series of discussions with those interested party members, a vision and mission statement was developed and the MPSI was born.

In 2019 the University of Missouri recognized MPSI as a campus Center to support our mission, to grow interdisciplinary collaboration, engagement, and high-impact research.

Since funding for endeavors such as the MPSI are increasingly dependent upon a clear-cut concept structure, the next step was to devise a logic model for the Institute.  Discussions with the team were expanded and a broader logistical and conceptual model for the MPSI was developed.  Our final logic model depicts the flow from our vision to our core values and assessments that underlie the core operational activities of the Institute.

What the future holds is unknown, however, as a team, we constantly strive to uphold the values and mission that our Institute is based upon and continue to work to achieve the short- and long-term objectives defined in our logic model. We look forward to continuing our dedication to a brighter future through our research, the classes that are offered, and the resources that we provide.

Where does MPSI Stand on Issues?